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Nine Banded Armadillo- The essentials: The Nine Banded Armadillo, as advocated by the name is an animal with a stretchy and resilient body. It is found in abundance in most parts of North America and constitutes a chief element in the wild life of the respective region.

A typical Nine Banded Armadillo sizes about what a normal domestic cat would be at an adult age. It has a small body- about 14-16 inches long, and quite interestingly almost the similar length of a tail. The elongated tail is one of the salient features of Nine Banded Armadillo. Its body is surrounded by armors (maximum nine, and hence the name) but there are quite a few patches of fur as well. It has a small face, with a pointed nose. The two exceedingly constructive feet are yet another of its leading characteristic. A Nine Banded Armadillo uses its feet to hideaway and dig up. Nine Banded Armadillo also has a series of plates or curves on the body which have ultimately helped it to succeed in the evolution. Although the precise benefits are not known but guess-work has been done, and the evolution point sums it up pretty well.

It is related to the genus of mouse according to some experts, while some believe it to have an entirely separate genus. The single genus they are believed to originate from is called as ‘desipus’. It is a mammalian in nature. The family or tribe it belongs to is termed as desipodadie.

Life cycle
The Nine Banded Armadillo is a slow breeding animal. It indulges into reproduction process just once in annual basis but the different aspect here is the fact the female gives birth to about four offspring at an instance. Yet another interesting thing about their breeding is that the offspring are of identical gender. Unlike most other animals the offspring grows at a rapid rate and could use its feet within a day.

Nine Banded Armadillo usually prefers to live in areas with are enriched in moisture. Wetlands, farmlands, mangroves, swamps and even to the extent of lakes and water streams. Remember, Nine Banded Armadillos are susceptible to the temperature and hence do not lives in areas with exceedingly warm temperature, and even those with extra cold. However they make sure that the habitat they chose is not only appropriate with accordance to the temperature but also with respect to the dietary requirements of them.

Nine Banded Armadillo is a nocturnal animal and uses its smelling capabilities to detect suitable prey. Other than insects and birds eggs it also tends to eat plants. It shows that it is not just a carnivore and could go for fruits and grain as well. They also take water in unusually large quantities.

It can curl itself up (the entire body) in an attempt to protect itself from climatic hostilities (we know that it is sensitive to the nature, courtesy the special kind of skin). It can also pump up its intestine to soar it up and help its body to float in water bodies. It has got a lightning speed which it uses when it senses ‘danger’. It is not as vocal, and neither has it tended to make much signs with the posture. Experts are researching more about its communication skills.

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